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The Mesa Foundry is dedicated to innovations that can change the lives of people around the world. From green energy solutions to biomedical devices, Mesa Foundry focuses on social good through technology.

Inspired by the miracle 2-D material graphene and the power of piezoelectric substances, the Mesa Foundry has focused on applying energy in novel ways for residential and medical applications. 


Currently multiple devices are patent pending and efforts are underway to scale development. Experts in biomedical and green energy technology fabrication, academic researchers or just people curious about the Mesa Foundry are especially welcome to learn more and connect.



Inspired by the unique properties of piezoelectric materials, Gabriel Mesa is a serial inventor who inspires to do social good by harnessing free energy.  Both his Carbon Battery, a biodegradable motion powered energy source and his Stimuped, a diabetic neuropathy treatment, are piezo-powered and patent pending.  He is currently commercializing these inventions and seeking next step mentorship in fabrication and distribution. His inventions have been featured at the White House Science Fair, National Invention Convention/Entrepreneurship Expo, Xprize Competition and Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge.  Mesa serves on the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Invention Convention and is a junior at Canton High School.

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